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It was only just before Christmas of 2018 that years of planning and uncertainty finally came to fruition.

I was able to purchase a building off the beaten path in West Asheville. A place that called me with its magic. A safe place I could work among my friends and partner. A place where we can honor adornment and help people realize their tattoo vision.

Tattooing under the pseudonym Westhanded, I (Chris) specialize in monochromatic tattoos with high detail. I take great care and joy in bringing a project to fruition. I opened Divination Tattoo to give artists a place to thrive in and out of tattooing.

After being at our West location for 2 years I was feeling the pressures of expansion. Our family at the shop was growing beyond what we could handle so a downtown location was opened in March of 2021. 

We looking forward to exceeding your expectations at either of our locations!

Giving Back
Old, but new.

Our West shop is located in a cool, quiet area of Asheville, North Carolina - we like to call it the Suburbs of West Asheville. While the building has been around for decades, we take great pride in the cleanliness and organization of our workplace and home away from home. All tattoo artists are up-to-date on necessary certifications and our tattoo shop itself follows all necessary health department guidelines for sterility.

We wanted to create a distinct environment that blends Victorian style and contemporary art with the right technology.

A New Classic


Our downtown location is located within walking distance of most all downtown hotels and restaurants in Asheville, NC. We offer both tattooing and piercing at this location and our artists are well versed in every style of tattooing. 

All of our artists are up to date on all certifications and licensing. We maintain a clean and sterile environment while remaining inviting and warm.

This is more than a business, it's our passion.

Each artist, supplier and company we work with was chosen for a reason. We want to provide the best possible service, develop relationships and earn your trust.  


We care deeply about our community and each one of our clients. We offer a safe space for anyone looking to get tattooed or shop our gallery. When you take a chance on us, whether it's a tattoo, an art commission or a piece of jewelry, we will take care of you and make sure you're satisfied. That's our promise. 



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