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Featured Tattoo of the Week: Art Nouveau Inspired Jewelry by Katie Leigh

Our featured tattoo of the week is by Katie and was selected by Liz. Katie, who is known for gorgeous, realistic portraits, grandma couch flowers and water color style tattoos also has a love for art nouveau era design. This is where worlds collide - Liz, an antique jewelry lover, is in awe of this piece, recently done by Katie at a tattoo convention in Fayetteville, NC.

When Liz asked Katie why she is drawn to that era, she said, "There is something about that era that I feel has not been captured since. There is so much beauty in the way things flow and weave in and out of each other. I feel there is a lot of feminine energy in art nouveau. Women have been muse of artists for centuries, but to me art nouveau really captures the wondrous beauty of the female form even when one isn’t present in the design. I’m especially drawn to the jewelry."

Here is some beautiful art nouveau inspiration. Katie has some designs up for grabs, email her to book!

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