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TODD (he/him)

1Tribeworld is a Korean-American artist, specializing in neo-tribal blackwork, geometric, neotraditional and Asian tattoos. He studied art and graduated at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He started and finished his tattoo apprenticeship in Brooklyn NY. He tattooed in NYC for years before he went nomadic. His approach to tattooing is more than skin deep, it’s spiritual and transformative. Through ceremony, meditation, and intention he weaves a concept or meaning with his client and they encode it into the body. He likes to use bold and delicate elements in his tattoos as well as spirit animals, patterns and symbology from around the world. As a seeker and world traveler he has been inspired by art and cultures around the world. His travels have brought him to Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Americas where he got to make art, tattoo and meet his tribe. Join the tribe! All are welcome.

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Giving Back


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